Welcome Note

Welcome to the project website of “YOUNG LEADERS”! This EU-funded project, entitled “Developing and enhancing leadership skills for young managers in times of crisis: an innovative training package for European young professionals”, has as its main objective to develop an innovative training package that will help young people, across Europe and beyond, to develop their leadership skills during economic crisis.

The project is particularly important and beneficial for University graduates trying to enter into the workforce, young professionals who want to progress to senior management positions and have less than 5 years experience or young would-be entrepreneurs.

The consortium of partners have taken this European initiative in an effort to decrease youth unemployment and create outstanding leaders across Europe in the following 5-10 years, who can contribute in the enhancement of growth and competitiveness.

The project is funded by the LLP Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (ToI) programme. The project implementation began in October 2012 and it will have a 2-year duration.

Short Introduction to our project

YOUNG LEADERS is an innovative, interesting and highly practical project. It is funded under the Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation 2012 programme and is implemented by seven European partners. The project aims to develop an innovative training package on leadership skills development for Young Business Leaders at national and European level. continue reading →